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Adventure Aaron / Aaron Carotta Raising Awareness for I’m Adopted

What Aaron Carotta – AKA Adventure Aaron has been doing to help I’m Adopted after the past few months has been incredible. Thank You Aaron!

He is no stranger. Aaron Carotta AKA Adventure Aaron went to Russia with our founder Alex Gilbert in 2013. This was when Alex went to meet his Birth Parents for the first time! Alex has done several filming with Aaron over the years and since recently they have both decided to help each other with their projects.

Let us tell you a little about Aaron. Aaron is a traveller and has travelled around the world doing different crazy and wild things! He was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. He has worked on his own Food shows, travelling shows and also a TV show on giving young ones who have had Cancer a Bucket List to do what they like. Aaron has always been interested in working with Alex Gilbert and his work and is keen to get on board to help with the next step.

He has been going through the USA on a Canoe to raise awareness for I’m Adopted and we can’t thank him enough. He recently hosted an event in New Orleans and has helped spread the word.

Thank You Aaron!

You can Donate at http://imadopted.org/donate 


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