Helping adoptees around the world connect.

World Leaders Helping Families around the World with Adoption

There is a lot of different laws around the world with adoption. Some Countries do not allow adoption through various Countries. It is also not a huge topic that is talked about most of the time. We recently sent a letter to Hillary Clinton. Her office actually got back to us just a day after we messaged her. We have contacted various people around the world simply letting them know about the I’m Adopted project and with what we do to help adoptees. Though we don’t currently focus on helping various adoption laws around the world at the moment, we would like to raise awareness to those who can help change the laws.

We have received letters from The Queen, David Cameron’s Office, NZ Prime Minister John Key and even the UN on the support and acknowledgement of the I’m Adopted project. Though we know that to raise awareness to help make changes we have to go further. We have support for Hillary Clinton in the US who is doing what she can to make a change. People all have different views on the current Presidential Election in the USA which is fine and people are allowed to vote for who they want to. We have done our bit of research and we know that Hillary Clinton has helped and impacted the lives of millions of children going through the adoption and foster care systems in the US and outside of the US. We have had many stories told on the I’m Adopted project, mostly from the USA and as a worldwide project we focus on as much as we can around the world with ideas on how we can help.

This is simply a Thank You to those leaders around the world who have been able to help raise awareness on Adoption around the world. For Families and for Children.