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Finding others from my Orphanage

It has been over 3 years since I shared my story of when I met my Birth Parents in Russia for the first time. Everything still felt like yesterday, but over this time I have been able to meet other adoptees who have come from the same city or Orphanage as me which has been pretty incredible!

I first shared my story at the start of 2014 on a New Zealand TV show called ‘Sunday’. They had been following my journey over to Russia of when I flew over to meet my Birth Parents. I never however went back to my Birth city Arkhangelsk, though that is one of my plans for the future.

Here is a video of me in Arkhangelsk, Russia. I was in the Orphanage here.

Now if you don’t know where Arkhangelsk is. Well here you go!

Katya and I in 2014. Right after I met her for the first time.

My Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia

After my story played on New Zealand TV I then got a message from a girl called Katya. She told me her parents recognised a baby on the old Orphanage footage. They definitely knew that was their daughter. What was even more interesting was that she was adopted into New Zealand like me too.

Stats from Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand show that there was over 600 children adopted out of Russia and into New Zealand in the 1990s. That is quite interesting to know that. There are many adoptees that I know all over the Country and most of them are from Russia.

Since then I had meet a few others from my area of where I came from! It is really incredible hearing their stories and how their parents brought them here. All different stories.

I still do not know what happened to all of the other children in the Orphanage but I know I want to find out. They could be anywhere in the world. Are you adopted from Arkhangelsk? Let me know!

– Alex Gilbert



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