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Learning Your Birth Country Culture

If you were adopted from a Country that has a totally different culture than the one you were raised in then you may be one of the curious adoptees who are wanting to learn about the culture.

Not just the culture but even the language if it is different. Where I was born from was totally different to the country I was raised in. The Language and the Culture were something very different.

Being born in Russia I learnt when I was a child that they speak a different language and that they are somewhere else around the world from where I was as a Child in New Zealand. When I finally did my first search for my Birth Parents in Russia in 2013 I knew that it was time for me to start learning the language and the culture.

When I got to visit Russia in 2013 I couldn’t believe how different the country was. I did know and learn alot about Russia as a child and know that it is different to New Zealand but visiting the Country myself was something incredible.

I am still learning the language and the culture to this day and I will continue to do so. – Alex Gilbert

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