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Meet Your I’m Adopted NZ Team for 2017!

We are now into 2017 with new changes and new beginnings. We also have some incredible projects coming up soon for I’m Adopted and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We are also starting to grow our Team!

For this year we are welcoming our 2 new Ambassadors for I’m Adopted which are based in New Zealand.

Sasha Kelly & Alex Kuch

Sasha is a Russian-Kiwi Adoptee who has a passion for helping others. We first met Sasha last year at our first I’m Adopted meet up. She then later wanted to get involved with I’m Adopted. She has been helping us with our upcoming Events and Social Development for I’m Adopted.

Alex Kuch is a Romanian-Kiwi Adoptee. Raised in Germany with his Adopted Family, Alex knows a lot about the political aspects of adoptions around the world. Alex has talked at the Romanian Parliament twice in regards to re-opening International Adoptions between New Zealand. Alex joined us earlier last year.

We also have on our team for 2017, Russian-Kiwi Adoptee Leish Snell who is our Event’s Assistant for 2017 along with our first US Ambassador Aaron Carotta who has been helping promote I’m Adopted through the USA. Raising awareness for the project through his own personal world record attempt.

I am still on the Team and growing this project more than ever before. Focusing on what is next for the I’m Adopted project for 2017. Helping more adoptees share their stories and reconnect. This is why we are doing this.

We also have our Spanish Contributor Ivan Gaztañaga who has now joined the team. He is helping with the Spanish Version of I’m Adopted. Helping it grow to adoptees who speak Spanish.

Thank You! I know that 2017 is going to be an incredible one for I’m Adopted – Alex Gilbert

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