Helping adoptees around the world connect.

Meeting other Adoptees Around the World – How You Can Help

With I’m Adopted we want to be able to meet as many adoptees around the world. Help other adoptees meet other adoptees. Last year we managed to hold 5 different I’m Adopted meet-ups around New Zealand. We have been able to get other adoptees to come and meet up with other adoptees that they have never met before.

Some even came from long distances to simply meet up.

We are working our way to have more meet ups and upcoming events for Adoptees to meet. If you are interested in hosting your own I’m Adopted Meet Up in your Town or City, then please get in touch with us. You are the person hosting the Event and we will help promote it! We have just had meet ups in local meeting areas like parts or even Cultural Events!

Want to host an official I’m Adopted meet up? Contact us on our Facebook Page!

Upcoming I’m Adopted Meet Ups:

27 May 2017 – Russian Days Event (Auckland, NZ) – More Info