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October 14

Romanian Adoptee Alex Kuch to talk in Brussels

The ASEFYLS3 forum will be in Brussels from 15-19th of October and on Ethical Leadership and from the 18-19th will be the 12th ASEM Forum where 51 head of states will be present, and where Alex will have the opportunity to share with high ranking international delegates about adoption perspectives that have been gained from […]

July 10

Alex Gilbert appears on screen at ICAR6 (International Conference on Adoption Research) in Canada

Talk about how we use technology with I’m Adopted. Starting at 2:30am New Zealand time, Alex Gilbert spoke to many researches and academics at the International Conference on Adoption Research in Montreal, Canada. With I’m Adopted focusing on using technology Alex spoke via Skype with the rest of the panelists. The topic of the symposium was […]

June 28

I’m Adopted to appear at ICAR6 (International Conference on Adoption Research) in Montreal, Canada

It has been a long time coming, but we will be making an appearance at the upcoming ICAR6 event in Canada on the 9th of July. We have been working alot this year on making this project grow more and more which is what I will keep on going. Along with the upcoming meet up […]

June 11

I’m Adopted – The Interview w/ Meg Andrews

I decided to sit down with one of my good friends Meg Andrews who agreed to talk to me about my life story. I sat down with Meg over the weekend to talk about my search for my birth parents in Russia, my relationship with both my birth parents and my work with creating the […]

May 10

Our first I’m Adopted Ireland Meet up

On the 1st of August we will be hosting our first I’m Adopted meet up in Galway, Ireland. Our founder and Russian-New Zealand adoptee Alex Gilbert will be travelling to Russia, the UK and then Ireland from July. During the time in Ireland, Alex will be hosting our first I’m Adopted meet up there. If […]

March 19

What Does Adoption Mean to You?

What Does Adoption Mean to You? As an Adoptee it is always an important question to ask. Every story is different and every story is unique. We get stories every week from adoptees that we share on the I’m Adopted Facebook Page. Many who have shared their stories have been able to reconnect. As an […]

March 7

The Russia-New Zealand Bilateral Adoption Agreement

Last Sunday I got to talk a little bit about the agreement between Russia and New Zealand with the current Bilateral agreement between both of the countries. Since 2013 adoptions have been put on hold and New Zealand have since decided to put the agreement on hold for the time being. Many families did miss […]

February 22

Why I created ‘I’m Adopted’ and why I’m helping adoptees connect

This is more of a personal note rather than a story about my adoption. I was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia and adopted when I was two years old. Many of you know my story already as you might have seen my documentaries from my YouTube here or read some of my Books online. I was […]

January 25

Introducing the Romanian ‘I’m Adopted’

We are welcoming to share stories now for those who were adopted inside Romania for the new Romanian version of I’m Adopted. Titled ‘Sunt Adoptat’. This is our 4th version of I’m Adopted. We currently have English, Russian and Spanish. Many adoptees around the world have been adopted from Romania and for the first time we […]

January 24

We Welcome and Thank our first Honourable I’m Adopted Ambassador Nastya Andrianova

We have had the help from many of those around the world. And not just with the support but the on-going help from the side. We are introducing Nastya (Anastasia) Andrianova as one of our first honourable I’m Adopted ambassadors. She is one of the people that helped through the journey that I went through […]

January 17

The New Book About ‘I’m Adopted’ by Alex Gilbert is now available

You can now get yourself a copy of Alex Gilbert’s new Book I’m Adopted. Based on his story with his search for his Birth Parents in 2013, Alex talks about the development and progress with the I’m Adopted project that he established in 2015. Alex was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1992. He was placed […]

August 21

Follow the Journey of ‘I’m Adopted’ in Russia!

In October the I’m Adopted project will be taking it’s way to Russia! Founder and Russian – New Zealand Adoptee Alex Gilbert will be making another trip to Russia. Alex will be working with Russian writer Diana Mashkova. Since 2014 Diana has been the head of the Charity Arifmetika Dobra (Арифметика добра) in Moscow. The […]

April 18

I’m Adopted Magazine Out Soon!

We are happy to announce that we are currently working on our new I’m Adopted Magazine! We hope that this will help us reach more areas for readers who are adopted and for anyone that knows someone adopted or if you have someone adopted in your family! Anything adopted related it will be in this […]

April 8

#Adopted – Submit Your Photo!

We are always looking for some awesome ways for adoptees to share their stories or share their experiences! Share us your photo through to our Instagram Account at @imadoptedOrg! Simply take a photo that is important to you. Hashtag #Adopted and tag @imadoptedOrg so that we can see it. We will then share this to […]

April 5

Founder & Russian-Kiwi Adoptee Alex Gilbert Hopes to Give Back to his Orphanage in Russia

Founder & Russian-New Zealand Adoptee Alex Gilbert is hoping to raise enough funds to be able to send clothes to the Orphanage he originally came from in Russia. Alex had recently been in touch with the Orphanage which is located right at the top of the world in his Birth City Arkhangelsk in Russia. For Alex […]

April 1

Introducing I’m Adopted Pets!

Today we introduced a new way for your Pet to be involved with I’m Adopted! Now your pet can submit a story to us under the new Pet Category! Your Pet must be able to write the story! Check out one of our first stories for this new feature! You can click on Submit Story […]

March 28

Meeting other Adoptees Around the World – How You Can Help

With I’m Adopted we want to be able to meet as many adoptees around the world. Help other adoptees meet other adoptees. Last year we managed to hold 5 different I’m Adopted meet-ups around New Zealand. We have been able to get other adoptees to come and meet up with other adoptees that they have […]

March 9

Finding others from my Orphanage

It has been over 3 years since I shared my story of when I met my Birth Parents in Russia for the first time. Everything still felt like yesterday, but over this time I have been able to meet other adoptees who have come from the same city or Orphanage as me which has been […]

February 8

“I’m Adopted” Introduction Event to be held in the NZ Parliament

We have announced that we will be holding an upcoming Event on the 14th of February in the New Zealand Parliament. The Event will be to help raise awareness for I’m Adopted and for what is next for the project. The Founder & Russian-Kiwi Adoptee Alex Gilbert will be one of the key speakers for the […]

January 10

Meet Your I’m Adopted NZ Team for 2017!

We are now into 2017 with new changes and new beginnings. We also have some incredible projects coming up soon for I’m Adopted and we can’t wait to share them with you. We are also starting to grow our Team! For this year we are welcoming our 2 new Ambassadors for I’m Adopted which are […]

January 9

What Do You Remember Before Being Adopted?

As an Adoptee every story is different. Every search is different too. We know that not every story is positive. We also know that some adoptees had no idea that they were adopted until a later age which can be hard to accept. With I’m Adopted we share any stories of adoption for adoptees that […]

January 4

Learning Your Birth Country Culture

If you were adopted from a Country that has a totally different culture than the one you were raised in then you may be one of the curious adoptees who are wanting to learn about the culture. Not just the culture but even the language if it is different. Where I was born from was […]

January 2

Want to Share your Adoption Story? Here is how you do it!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to 2017! With I’m Adopted adoptees have been sharing their stories on this which has helped them find information on their Birth Parents or relatives. We have several ways that you can share your story or if you want to do it yourself. You can simply write on our Facebook Wall at facebook.com/imadoptedOrg […]

December 22

Merry Christmas from us!

This year has been incredible. We have shared hundreds of stories, videos and resources for adoptees this year. Thank You for joining and following the project this year! Enjoy your Christmas break wherever you are in the world!

December 21

Adventure Aaron / Aaron Carotta Raising Awareness for I’m Adopted

What Aaron Carotta – AKA Adventure Aaron has been doing to help I’m Adopted after the past few months has been incredible. Thank You Aaron!

December 6

Thank You 2016!

This post is a huge Thank You to those who have been following the I’m Adopted project throughout 2016. Not only it has grown to a bigger community but has grown to an incredible resource for adoptees. This year we had over 100 stories shared with many from all different parts of the world. Some […]

November 15

Adventure Aaron – I’m Adopted Charity Event in New Orleans

Hear all about what is happening with our USA Ambassador Adventure Aaron / Aaron Carotta! He is going to be hosting a Charity Event for I’m Adopted and his cause in New Orleans on the 14th of November. There will be a silent auction and celebrations. Join Adventure Aaron in New Orleans to celebrate the […]

November 12

Soy Adoptado – I’m Adopted Spanish Version Launched

This week we decided to open up the Spanish Version of I’m Adopted! It’s called Soy Adaptado! If you want to have a look at yourself you can visit it here  https://www.facebook.com/imadoptedOrgES?brandloc=DISABLE We are very excited to be opening this project to more people around the world! Believe it or not Spain has one of the […]

November 7

Using ‘I’m Adopted’ as a Search Resource

As an adoptee we are always looking for ways to find some information on our Birth Families. Searching through the internet is one of the most useful resources that an adoptee can use. Throughout the year we have been getting hundreds of messages. Many from adoptees who are trying to find information on their Birth […]

November 4

National Adoption Month – Change Your Facebook Profile Photo Here

It’s National Adoption Month! To join us and celebrate head over to imadopted.org/profilephoto and create your new Profile Photo! Once you have made it your profile photo let us know over on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/imadoptedOrg/photos/a.1612921415654124.1073741828.1612391699040429/1805963783016552/ as we would love to see it! Having issues updating? Make sure you are logged into your Facebook […]

October 12

World Leaders Helping Families around the World with Adoption

There is a lot of different laws around the world with adoption. Some Countries do not allow adoption through various Countries. It is also not a huge topic that is talked about most of the time. We recently sent a letter to Hillary Clinton. Her office actually got back to us just a day after […]

October 2

My Personal aim to get I’m Adopted around the world

I’m Adopted is growing. We are getting stories every week to share for adoptees and the Facebook Page is growing to something I never expected! I want to make this my full time project and help adoptees around the world to make this project a reality. We are aiming to get this project to more […]

August 7

I’m Adopted Celebrates 1st Birthday

We have done it! 1 year running!