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Добро пожаловать! (Welcome) Welcome to our, Our Russia Journey page for 2021. Here you will be able to keep up with our live updates and blogs while we take our new journey to Russia. Next month (February) Russian-New Zealand Adoptee Alex Gilbert will be relocating to work on these projects inside Russia. Here you will be able to see our blog updates, posts and videos that are throughout the journey!

Goals and Mission for Russia

The mission of us working on our projects inside Russia are to help more adoptees. Further grow our community there as well as open up more resources for those adopted who need it. We have always believed that with the amount of adoptees all over the world who are adopted from Russia that having more support and resources are important.

Personal Goals

Not only we are working on our progress with resources and support but Alex will be focusing on the Russian culture, language and his own connection with his birth family that he met in 2013 for the first time. He is also working closely with his own relationships with other organisations inside Russia to expand the I’m Adopted organisation.


I’m Adopted established it’s full Russian version of the organisation back in 2016. With this we have been able to share stories inside Russia and expand our growth inside Russia which is important for us. Our main focus is for adoptees to connect with Russia if it is their birth country and if they want to connect with their birth families, this is their choice in which we want to provide support for.

We will also be following other journeys inside Russia for our upcoming television project that is combined with the I’m Adopted community. We can’t wait to share more about this upon it’s completion.

How to Follow

For those who want to follow our updates and journey for, Our Russia, you can read any updated Adoption Diary blog posts below, visit the YouTube Channel or Alex Gilbert or through our I’m Adopted Facebook Page.

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