Helping adoptees around the world connect.

My Personal aim to get I’m Adopted around the world

I’m Adopted is growing. We are getting stories every week to share for adoptees and the Facebook Page is growing to something I never expected! I want to make this my full time project and help adoptees around the world to make this project a reality.

We are aiming to get this project to more adopted people around the world. We are not a charity but we would love to be able to visit as many adoptees around the world as we can to tell their stories. We have set up a campaign at generosity.com – Every dollar counts and if we can grow this project into the biggest support group for Adoptees in the world and around the world then this is where we believe this can help.

It may be a big goal but we will keep this live for as long as we can. We want to soon have meet ups for adoptees, not only in NZ as we have done but all over the world. We want to be able to document and share stories for adoptees and for adoptees to revisit their Birth Countries. We want to make this happen and we know we will.

Have a look at the Campaign page at-


Thank You! – Alex Gilbert

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