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Thank You 2016!

This post is a huge Thank You to those who have been following the I’m Adopted project throughout 2016. Not only it has grown to a bigger community but has grown to an incredible resource for adoptees. This year we had over 100 stories shared with many from all different parts of the world. Some have also managed to find some new information on their past and families which they never thought they would ever find.

When the project started in August 2015 I never saw it getting to this point to where it is today. So this is a huge thank you to those people once again for their support. Thank You to those people who have helped each other along the way to make this project work for people who are adopted.

Some of the highlights this year are not only the stories but we also did a few other things to keep us busy. This year we had our 1st Birthday which we celebrated here in Auckland NZ. This was awesome!


We got to meet new people. Tell our stories and talk about what the I’m Adopted project means to us. We also had some meet ups for adoptees to simply meet each other. They were able to meet each other to talk about their own personal stories.

Stories from Adoptees

We have also used alot of Facebook Live Features this year. We had many Live Q&As for adoptees to ask us questions, advice or just to watch whats going on! Leish a Kiwi-Russian Adoptee also visited Russia to meet her Birth Family did a live video in Russia too! Aaron you have helped alot with your world record to raise awareness across the USA. Thank You! Many things that have happened this year which has helped a lot!

In November we also did a few new things! Our Spanish and Italian version of I’m Adopted was open and ready to go. We have had people from around the world offer their help to translate and share stories. This has been incredible and very helpful. We are now in the Russian language, Spanish and Italian! This is very helpful for those adoptees who are trying to do a search in a country that doesn’t speak English. This will expand again in 2017.

Our ambassador program started last month too and here in NZ we now have 3 new Ambassadors who have joined us to work and focus on projects for 2017 and in 2017 we have a lot happening!

Thank You for your support! 2017 is going to be even better and remember this is still just the beginning! – Alex Gilbert

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