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Using ‘I’m Adopted’ as a Search Resource

As an adoptee we are always looking for ways to find some information on our Birth Families. Searching through the internet is one of the most useful resources that an adoptee can use.

Throughout the year we have been getting hundreds of messages. Many from adoptees who are trying to find information on their Birth Parents and/or Family. With I’m Adopted this can help. Adoptees have been able to write on our Facebook wall or with submitting a post at imadopted.org/submit. This has helped many of the adoptees find some information on their Birth Families.

Recently a girl who was adopted into a New Zealand Family shared her story. She was born in Russia and raised in NZ. Her story was also translated into the Russian version of I’m Adopted and after a few weeks we found out that someone had found her Birth Family.

It is hard and different for every adoptee. We do not directly search for your Family but with using our community of followers that follow I’m Adopted, we manage to get the word out there. In 2017 we hope to expand this resource further with people who can directly help and search for adoptees.

If you are still unsure on where to search or to want to make your search private you can always contact us through our Facebook Page or here on the website! We also have a resource area for adoptees who are trying to find their Birth Parents. With some tips and ideas on ways you could search for your Birth Family.  You can have a read here.

We hope that this project will continue to help more and more adoptees. If you are on the search let us know. We will be happy to share and help. – Alex Gilbert

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