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What Do You Remember Before Being Adopted?

As an Adoptee every story is different. Every search is different too. We know that not every story is positive. We also know that some adoptees had no idea that they were adopted until a later age which can be hard to accept. With I’m Adopted we share any stories of adoption for adoptees that may help them find a connection.

Every adoptee is adopted at different ages, some that are too young to remember anything like me. When I was a child all I knew was that I was adopted from a different country around the world. I had no idea where Russia was or anything about the Country. All I knew that it was far away from where I am in New Zealand.

Some adoptees are adopted at a later age and so they can almost remember everything from before they were adopted. Some adoptees have talked to me with different stories about what they do remember before they were adopted. They all remember their town from where they came from. Some remember their Birth Parents and some of you have told me that you even remember your Best Friend that you always counted on when you were younger.

I am still yet to go and visit my Birth City Arkhangelsk in Russia as it is very far away and it is in fact right at the top of Russia. I am still planning that trip. Everything takes time. I would like to revisit my Orphanage but I won’t remember anything I am sure from the Orphanage.

My Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia – As it is today.

I will recognise all the photos however from their but that will be all. Some people have told me that I may be able to pick up on some lost memories if I revisited which could happen!

I know that every story is different for every adoptee.

As an Adoptee what do you remember before being adopted? – Alex Gilbert

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