A Story about a Lebanese Adoptee – Gideon

“Did you know that thousands of adoptees were registered in Lebanon since 1960 and only 2% were recorded?”

A couple weeks back, there was a message in my inbox from a man named Gideon. He let me know that he was an Adoptee from Lebanon, adopted by a Dutch speaking family in the Netherlands. Gideon was featured in a Lebanese documentary TV Show called “ Yes, There Is Hope”. I was very touched with him having wanting to share his story with me and giving me consent to share it with you.

Watch Part 1 of his Video Below

Gideon reached out to the show because he wanted to find his identity. Most of his life, he asked himself the following questions:“Who am I?” ,“What is my name?”, “Who is my mother?”, “Who is my father?”, “Who are my parents?”, “Where do I come from?”, “Why did they abandon me?”. Those questions are a normality for most Adoptees.

Gideon’s adoptive family unfortunately couldn’t conceive, therefore they decided to adopt this beautiful baby boy from an association in the Netherlands. His parents were given some papers from a Pastor in Lebanon, from whom they received their new born son. In the papers, Gideon found out that when he was 6 days old when he first travelled on a plane to Holland, Netherlands which is where he was raised by his adoptive family.

Watch Part 2 of his Video Below (Click on Watch on Facebook. The uploader had set this setting)

At the age of 42, after having his first child, he decided to search for his biological parents. Gideon was wondering if he had a biological father somewhere in Lebanon, maybe he also had siblings. He began to really wonder if he had any other blood relatives, other than his new born son.

Gideon’s story is many things, but most importantly it’s a story of a wonderful human being who was searching for his own identity. Was he able to find the answers to his questions? Was he able to find his family in Lebanon?

If you’d like to know more, please click on the links to watch his full story.

Written with permission by Raya Witts. Russian – Canadian Adoptee and I’m Adopted contributor


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