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I’m Adopted is a global online community created by Russian – New Zealand adoptee Alex Gilbert.
I’m Adopted established in July 2015. I’m Adopted shares stories, resources, and topics for adoptees.

We provide a space for those adopted all over the globe.

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Alex Gilbert
Russian – NZ Adoptee & Founder
Alexander Kuch
Romanian-NZ Adoptee & NZ Ambassador
Daria Rottenberk
Russian - American Adoptee & American Ambassador
Katarina Reach
Ukrainian - American Adoptee & I'm Adopted Ambassador for Ukrainian Adoptees
Christopher Breedlove
American Adoptee & Michigan - USA Ambassador
Raya Witts
Russian – Canadian Adoptee & Ambassador
Ivan Gaztañaga
Russian - Spain Adoptee, Spanish Editor & Ambassador
Anastasia (Nastya) Andrianova
Ambassador for I'm Adopted - Russia (Я Приёмный Ребёнок - Россия)
Wendy Hawke ONZM
New Zealand Board of Trustee for the Charitable Trust

Alex Gilbert

Alex was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1992 and placed in the orphanage until he was adopted when he was two years old to his New Zealand family. He managed to find his birth parents in 2013 with social media. He has since been back to Russia four times. His story and I’m Adopted work has widely been shared in media in New Zealand and Russia.

He created I’m Adopted to help others adopted around the world connect. He has released two books My Russian Side and I’m Adopted in 2014 and 2018.

Alex spoke to Government Ministers at the New Zealand Beehive at the start of 2017 as well as speaking in Moscow in 2017 to the Children’s Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation, Anna Kuznetsova. He also met with Kuznetsova in November 2019.

Outside of I’m Adopted, Alex works in Television and creates his own videos for adoptees. He also started his own initiative to send supplies to his orphanage in Russia.
Instagram @alexgilbert

Alexander Kuch

Alex Kuch has been part of the “I’m Adopted” team since the founding in 2015 and is an ambassador and trustee. He has been adopted from an orphanage in Cluj-Napoca in 1997 by a German family who he moved with to New Zealand in 2006.

He has supported the I’m Adopted team with adoptee get-togethers and many other important initiatives and being an ambassador. His highlights of representing I’m Adopted include: joining the team at the New Zealand parliament in 2017 and providing evidence on best practices for providing support to adoptees; presenting the impact the I’m Adopted platform is having at the largest adoption research conference in Montreal at ICAR6 in 2018 and lastly giving a TEDx talk on the impact adoption had on his life and highlighting his involvement and work of I’m Adopted.

He looks forward to further continue providing support to the very important work of I’m adopted and providing support to getting more practical ways for adoptees to learn from each other. Alexander Kuch is also one of our board of trustees for the I’m Adopted Registered Charitable Trust as well as one of our officers for our Charity Registration.

Daria Rottenberk

Valentina is my birth name and journey of finding myself, my roots, & biological family while spreading adoption awareness.
Instagram @dariarottenberk & Daria’s own Instagram page on her own journey can be found at @findingvalentina 

I love connecting to other adoptees, as it helps me connect to myself. I enjoy growing this community and spreading adoption awareness. – Daria

Daria’s Official Facebook Page (

Christopher Breedlove

Christopher Breedlove was born in Troy, MI in 1993. He was placed into foster care for 2 years and had 2 foster families. At the age of 4, Christopher was adopted by his current family. Christopher has an ignited passion for adoption due to his reunion story. After 21 years, Christopher was able to locate his birth family in 4 world-changing days.

Christopher really stresses the importance of forgiveness and the importance of understanding perspectives aside from your own. Christophers’ primary goal in acting as an ambassador for I’m Adopted, is to instill strength, and wisdom in adoptees and to validate all perspectives within the adoption community.

Instagram @mavenozai

Katarina Reach

Katarina Reach (Instagram @katarinareach) was placed into an orphanage in Donetsk, Ukraine months after her birth in 1998 and was adopted by an American family in 2002. She also goes by the name Kati or Katya. She located and connected with her birth family at age 21 in October of 2019. The redemption story unfolding of her and her birth mother’s reuniting is shared in her blog.

Her passion as the Ukrainian Ambassador for I’m Adopted is to connect with the stories and experiences of adoptees globally, to bring light and awareness to the different experiences of Ukrainian adoptees, and to share her story in light of faith and learnings from a life that had to be broken in order to be mended. She desires to learn from other adoptees and inspire others to share their story, to connect with their roots, and to reach their fullest potential as an adoptee.

She also has a passion for helping teach English to Internationals and to refugee communities. She is currently studying to become a mental health therapist and specifically enjoys relating to and supporting adoptees who have been impacted by substance abuse in their family or birth family.

You can read her blog here at

Charity Information & Registration

In 2017 we became a Charitable Trust.
Our Charitable Trust NZBN Number is 9429046007117.

In September 2020 we became an Official Charity.

Our Charity Registration Information Number is CC58214.
If you are in New Zealand you may be eligible for Tax Credits.
You can email us at for any questions regarding our Charity Status.

General Online House Rules

We don’t charge for stories to be shared online. As we are an online Community and Charity we take any harassment online seriously. We reserve the right if we need to, to block people if someone is feeling unsafe.

The best way to contact anyone on our team is through our Contact Page on our website.
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