Why Adoptees Should Keep in Contact with Each Other

When we started this project back in 2015, we started to set up several meet ups for the project. Adoptees have been able to meet each other from all over New Zealand. We set up several ‘Meet-ups’ that have been a good chance for adoptees to simply meet each other.

I’m Adopted Meet Up – 2015

Along with meet-ups for others adopted around the world, we have been able to get other adoptees to connect with each other. A huge community that has been incredible. People have been able to help each other.

With every story, of course there is no guarantee on finding their birth relatives or any information but getting the word out there is a good start. Every story written by whoever submitted it. Helping those reach out to who they are trying to find. No last names are ever published. People are able to contact the person who shared the story at the end of each story.

We have had over 400 stories shared. Mostly from international adoptions around the world. Many also from internal adoptions and also many shared for our Russian version of I’m Adopted and Spanish version.

Are you adopted and would like to connect with us? Contact us through our Facebook Page or here on the Website. You can also submit your story right here on the Website.

– Alex Gilbert

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Russian - New Zealand Adoptee & Founder of I'm Adopted


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