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Back in 2013, I decided to do a search for my Birth Parents in Russia. I had no idea what I was in for and I had no idea what my Birth Parents were like. One thing that has always interested me and the main question people have asked me is ‘Do you think you have any of your Birth Parents Characteristics?’. I always thought throughout doing the search for my Birth Parents that maybe I may be exactly like my Birth Parents, always smiling or making a joke or two.

People that are adopted into families will always carry some sort of characteristics as their Birth Parents. When I was growing up I was always fascinated about creating things. Camera work and music. Though my Mum and Dad who raised me have no interest in this, so I thought maybe this came from my Birth Parents? Growing up I have always been a joker and I am always smiling when I am talking to people. Not all the time of course, but you understand what I mean.

When I eventually went to Russia in November 2013, I didn’t know what I was in for. My Birth Mother Tatiana was a very closed and quiet person. She didn’t say a lot and I know that she found the entire situation very hard. I understood that this is her personally as when I saw her again last year in November I noticed that she just likes to keep to herself. Nothing wrong with that, but I was always interested to why I didn’t carry this type of personality.

My Birth Father however when I met him, everything was different. I realised that I carried most of my genetics from him. From his jokes and smile to his funny personality. I have a big mix of personality from my Mum and Dad who raised me, but genetically there is always going to be something there. – Alex Gilbert


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