Alex Gilbert appears on screen at ICAR6 (International Conference on Adoption Research) in Canada

Talk about how we use technology with I’m Adopted. Starting at 2:30am New Zealand time, Alex Gilbert spoke to many researches and academics at the International Conference on Adoption Research in Montreal, Canada. With I’m Adopted focusing on using technology Alex spoke via Skype with the rest of the panelists.

The topic of the symposium was about creating adoption communities for young people using innovative approaches. The rest of the team were Kristine Freeark who is a Research Investigator for the Centre for Human Growth and Development at the University of Michigan, Robert Clifford who is an adoptee himself and a Fellow at the RSA and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. He has been working hard with conducting international research into progressive uses of technology in the adoption of children.

Jen Dolan also spoke at the symposium. She is currently a program manager for the Rudd Adoption Research Program which is based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Rudd Adoption Research Program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst has the goal of creating a campus environment and programs that are appealing, of value and of interest to students who are adopted internationally, domestically through the child welfare program or private adoption. Katie Zucker who is an adoptee herself also joined the team at the symposium. Thank you Katie for your story and for sharing your own personal journey.

Thank you for getting I’m Adopted involved in this years International Conference on Adoption Research 6 (ICAR6)

More on I’m Adopted on the ICAR6 website can be read here.

We would like to also congratulate Alex Kuch who is one of our ambassadors for I’m Adopted who shared a presentation at ICAR6!

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