My Reflection of 2017 for “I’m Adopted” – Alex Kuch

Looking back at what has been this year for I’m Adopted, our founder Alex Gilbert deserves a huge congratulations for helping to bring us where we are now, from getting us to speak at New Zealand parliament to getting to meet the Children’s Commissioner of the Russian Federation and a his personal success of having his re-uniting with his birth family story go viral, having over 2.5 million views.

It’s been amazing to be involved with I’m Adopted as an ambassador and on the board, having seen the vison Alex Gilbert had after using social media to help find his birth family in Russia. Since then over 200 people have used “I’m Adopted” social media platform to search for their birth families and have an online following of over 30 thousand.

A core vison of I’m Adopted is to advocate for adoptions that are in the best interest of the child and using Alex Gilbert’s social media and cinematography expertise we have achieved significant progress. This resulted in Alex Kuch being chosen to represent I’m Adopted at the Global Changemakers Youth Summit in Zurich or raising awareness of the work he is doing with international adoptions, particular in Romania for which he is a finalist of “Young Romanian Student of the year” and a semi-finalist of “Young New Zealander Of the year”.

I’m really excited and feel very humbled to have been named a finalist for “Young Romanian Student of the year” as this allows me to address the opportunity Romania has to show global  leadership in how they care for their children by reopening international adoptions and encouraging all forms of adoptions and providing support with this. I’m really thankful to I’m Adopted, in particular Alex Gilbert for all the support of me being able to raise awareness in Romania and internationally.

I look forward to seeing where we all are heading with “I’m Adopted” in 2018, something that is very dear to me is to raise more awareness for Romania with adoptions and provide adopted youth globally a voice to share their adoption experiences.

It has been an amazing year to be involved with I’m adopted and looking forward to doing even bigger things to help make a change for adopted people in the world.



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Romanian-NZ Adoptee, NZ Ambassador & Board of Directors


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