Feeling Different Being Adopted

With being adopted, many people always want to know simply what their Birth Parents may look like or just who they are. Growing up some people may feel different or left out. When I was growing up I simply wanted to know who my Birth Parents were. I still had the strong connection with my Mum and Dad here and I will always call them my Mum and Dad because they are the loving parents who raised me.

I actually didn’t feel any different being adopted and growing up I was always open with my adoption. My Brother Andrei is 3 months younger than me, so growing up people have always asked us if we are twins or not. It confused people when I told them I was 3 months older than my Brother. Everyone has a different story and every single story is very unique. One thing I really wanted to learn about was the culture from where I was born from. It was all different for me and it took awhile to take everything in with visiting Russia.

I have heard many stories of adoptees who do feel different being adopted. Feeling left out and feeling like you are not included has been one of the things I have heard from other adoptees.
Do you feel any different being adopted? Was it any different growing up?

Alex Gilbert

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My Orphanage. Arkhangelsk, Russia – 1994.

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