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My Brother Andrei Has Found His Birth Parents in Russia – Alex Gilbert

A few years back, my brother Andrei had told me that he really wasn’t too interested in finding his birth parents. It was something that never really never was an interest to him. He was happy with how his life is here in New Zealand and I respected all of his decisions. Recently though, Andrei had asked me to do a a search for his birth parents in Russia. He understood and told me that he just wanted to know who they are and he even told me he just wanted to see what they were up to, in his words.

I did a search for his birth parents last Friday, with his permission and request. I did find his birth family in a day. Andrei is a private person and at the moment it’s all taking everyone time to go through the shock and excitement. It feels like another story has began. Exactly 5 years ago I started my search and now my brother has been put on the same boat as me.

I found Andrei’s Birth Father as well as finding out that he has two older sisters. His birth mother however is nowhere to be found and his birth family that I contacted they also are unsure on where she is. With everything else we found out I will let Andrei process the information himself and take his time with keeping in touch with his birth family. One of his sisters Tatyana, I spoke to over the weekend.

She is happy and excited about everything and just like my story, Andrei’s birth father is unaware about him but he is welcoming Andrei to visit his Family in Russia as soon as he can. Both our parents are supportive here in New Zealand and there is nothing negative about us finding our birth parents. We should all have the right to know who brought us into this world. I am happy to have helped my brother Andrei do this and I am looking forward to Andrei’s new journey to Russia. – Alex Gilbert

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