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My Brother Andrei Gilbert – Alex Gilbert

Not many of you know too much about my brother Andrei. It wasn’t just me who was adopted by my Mum and Dad back in 1994. My Brother Andrei was also adopted. He has different birth parents and he was actually adopted from the same Orphanage as me in Arkhangelsk.

As brothers we were like any other brothers. We occasionally argued, joked a lot and we both were interested in where we came from. Though when it comes to searching for birth parents that is one thing that he was never interested in doing and I understand and respect his decision and always will. You can’t force someone to search for their birth parents if they don’t want to.

Andrei was born in July 1992 so he is only 3 months younger than me. He was born with cerebral palsy, but that has never affected his way of life and it never made anything impossible for him. Growing up in our hometown of Whangarei, we were both like any other set of brothers. We were in the same class from time to time at school and though it was strange for some people in the beginning, everyone got use to it fast.

We both left High School at the end of 2010 and like me, Andrei also left home in 2011. Instead of going to Auckland, Andrei decided to go to Wellington.

Andrei has been interested in revisiting where he was born and I told him that one day he could go and see it for himself. Always respected his decision on his search for his birth parents. Our Mum and Dad have always been supportive of whatever we do if we wanted to search for our birth parents in Russia. For me it was an interest but everyone is different.

I do see Andrei occasionally when he comes to our hometown in Whangarei. Always good to catch up with Andrei like we always did when we were younger. Thanks Andrei!  – Alex Gilbert

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