Development of an Easier Russian Passport Renewal Guide For Those Adopted from Russia

Back in 2013 when I started my own journey with meeting my Birth Family for the first time in Russia, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy and that the process was all new to me. For most Russian adoptees (Unless you have relinquished your Citizenship) you will need to obtain a Russian passport. This can either a 5 year passport or 10 year biometric passport. For those adopted from Russia, you will also need to go through the process of confirming and registering your Russian Citizenship with the Russian Embassy of your Country or specific state.

I have been working closely with the Embassy of the Russian Federation here in New Zealand to make this process more clearer and easier for those who are new to the process. We plan to draft a similar guide for the Russian Embassies inside the USA and later on, the United Kingdom to which they are interested to cooperate. We will keep you updated with this progress.

As the process is different and with bilateral agreements in place, every guide needs to be managed and published differently. The Embassy here in New Zealand I know will also push our guide to the Embassies in the USA and I look forward to another update when this is done later on.

We have begun with the Russian Embassy here in New Zealand and with there being over 700 children adopted from Russia who live in New Zealand, this I know will provide some light for those who might not understand the process of renewing their Russian passport. For a lot of us adoptees, including myself who owned a USSR Passport that had expired, it was all new to me and I did need assistance.

I was lucky to meet with the Russian Embassy here in Wellington before last Christmas, going through a processes and drafted ideas that would make this easier. This also included answers to questions that were commonly asked from those adopted from Russia as well as those parents who have adopted children from Russia.

I am proud to have this in place now and this is just the beginning of what I am trying to achieve with my work and for the I’m Adopted community. You can see the new guide and information now over at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in New Zealand website now at Renewing Russian Passports after adoption (

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