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About to Experience my Third Visit to Russia

I am excited to be leaving for Russia tomorrow. A lot has changed since my first visit to Russia in 2013. Everything again is no doubt going to be different.

Take a look below at my first and second time visiting Russia. The first time was very different for me as everything was new for me. I didn’t know what I would be expect or see. Of course when I mean the first time I am not counting myself with being born there or in the orphanage. I don’t remember anything when I was 2 years old.


In 2013, I started doing my searching for my Birth Parents. With only their names on paper. No photos or information on where they might be. I started doing my search through Social Media to then eventually finding information on my Birth Mother and then my Birth Father. At the end of 2013 I then decided to take that trip to go and meet them for the first time. This moment in my life was one of the most vivid and clear moments I had ever remembered.



Other moment in my life that I will never forget was going to Russia again in 2015. I had the chance for my Birth Parents to meet my Mum and Dad for the first time on the TV Show ‘Let them Talk’. What was strange was how fast the time went there. I was only in Russia for a day and a half. But that experience was something that I never saw coming.


See you soon Russia!

Thank You! – Alex


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