When You ‘Find’ Your Birth Family

Of course every story is different. None is going to ever be the same. The term of finding them is different too. When it comes to finding your Birth Family, no matter where they are, it’s about taking what next steps you need to take. Patience is also important. It is never good to rush into meeting your birth family or parents if you find them.

We share stories for people on this project. We now have I’m Adopted in 4 languages. English, Russian, Spanish and Romanian. This helps us share the stories to more languages in order to hopefully help people connect or find some information. Adopted people all over the world have been able to find out some information with the help of I’m Adopted, which to us has been incredible.

When it came to me finding my birth parents, I wanted to give it a few days to let everything sink in. All my life I had been wanting to know about my birth parents, and now I had this chance to talk to them and meet them too. It takes awhile, for me it did, to understand everything that was going on. It was my goal to make it happen and I don’t regret it.

When you want to do a search or if you have in the past, it’s always good to be prepared for anything. Not every single adoption reunion story has a positive ending. I know that my story had a lot of ups and downs and it’s still like that to this day, but when I did my search in 2013 when I was 21, I knew I had to be ready with whatever was about to be thrown at me.

Take your time and if you find your birth parents. Know that you are halfway there to making that connection as an adoptee. Because every adoptee should have the right to know where they came from. – Alex Gilbert

Photo: Meeting my Birth Parents in 2013 (Russia) Watch My Story – ‘My Russian Side’


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