Finding Your Birth Parents. Where to Start your Search.

Finding Your Birth Parents can make anyone nervous. Not knowing where to start or what to do is always on your mind when you first want to do a search. Everybody has a different story with where they have come from or what information they already know, it is all different for everyone. I will give you some tips for your search and with where you can search yourself.


Social Network Websites:

Social network websites are extremely helpful when trying to do a search for your relatives or any information that may help you find your relatives. A lot of people in the world use Social Network websites with the modern world and it is defiantly helping alot of people. Several websites to where you can do your searches; Facebook, (Russian Social Network Websites), Google+ , Twitter, LinkedIn.. The list goes on. If you are born in a country that doesn’t speak the same language as you do, here is a suggestion, Google ‘Social Networks in Russia’ for example. Visit Google Translate and type in your Birth Parents names and then translate it to the language of your Birth. This can help the range of searches as it is from the same country that you are born in.

When visiting Social Network sites, don’t ever spam or message people asking if you are related to them. Slow down and don’t go crazy. The best way about it is once you have an idea that you may have found someone, then you can give it a try. In several Social Network Websites there is also advanced searches for example in When you do a search for someone you can narrow it down to a Birth Date or area from where they are from. Try searching for only the Russian last name and from that area. See what you find!

Social Network Websites also have ‘Community Groups’ that can help. Some families like to keep in touch with each other and they sometimes make a community group that is associated with the Last Name, School or just District that they live in. Like a Community Notice board. Doing a search for a Group/Community Group under the last name, or area they are from can help. Leave a note in the group about your search. Make sure you do it in the language that they will all speak, otherwise nobody will understand who you are looking for.

Family Tree Searches

Several websites also help people search through Family Trees and history on your family. These websites normally have records from years ago, but doing any search could be helpful. Several websites that you can have a look at can be: and A website like Search Angels in the USA can also be of help for adoptees. See their website here –

Sharing Your Story Online

As we all know sharing your story online can spread the word on your search. Hence why I created the I’m Adopted project on Facebook. Sharing stories online can help people find their relatives. People online tend to spread the word and simply help one another. Visit our Facebook Page if you would like to share your story with us! People are out there to help!

Ask Your Adoption Agency / Hire an Detective

You can always ask the adoption agency that helped your parents with your adoption. They might know some information or can help you with your search. You never know what records or information they might have. If you have little information on what you know, don’t give up! Keep your head up for your search. You can also try detectives that could help you with your search. These can be found just by do a Google Search. Look for a service that is in your country, that will help more!

One more thing. Good Luck!!

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