Follow the Journey of ‘I’m Adopted’ in Russia!

In October the I’m Adopted project will be taking it’s way to Russia! Founder and Russian – New Zealand Adoptee Alex Gilbert will be making another trip to Russia.

Alex will be working with Russian writer Diana Mashkova. Since 2014 Diana has been the head of the Charity Arifmetika Dobra (Арифметика добра) in Moscow. The Charity works with helping orphans in Russia find families. We are excited to be taking part with them in Russia.

You can read more about ‘Arifmetika Dobra’ on their Facebook Page, or Website here

Since the middle of 2016, I’m Adopted has had the project also available in Russian. We hope to expand this with more translators and of course more stories. We are all about connecting and this is what it is all about. If they do not feel like connecting, learning about the culture is another experience than can be important.

For the first time since 1994, Alex Gilbert will also be revisiting his Orphanage in Arkhangelsk. More details to on this visit over the next coming month.

Alex Gilbert’s Orphanage in 1994

You will be able to follow the journey of the I’m Adopted reaching to Russia through our Facebook Page and here on the website.


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