Get A Grip – Christopher Breedlove

Sometimes I still feel like the little boy that was just adopted out of foster care, yearning for love and affection from those around me. At what age do we stop looking for “mommy and daddy” to save us? Or to give us the love we yearn for? Here I am two years away from 30, and yet I still cry, I still beg for attention from my loved ones.

At what point do we GET A GRIP on ourselves and truly heal? For the longest I thought finding my birth family and finding my truth is what would heal me. But truthfully it wasn’t. I think the start of getting a grip is recognizing that our healing journey as an adoptee is a daily commitment.

Some days I find myself OWNING my adoption story proudly, and other times I find myself utterly embarrassed to even discuss my adoption. Some things that have helped me in getting a grip are learning to love myself a little harder. Most mornings when I wake up I shower.

During my shower I profess affirmations over myself and I hug myself tightly to show myself that I am loved by myself and I don’t need outward validation for the love that I seek from “mother/father” figures. Another is focusing on the love that is around me, instead of focusing on who is not loving me. At what point do we accept what we do or don’t receive in our life? Whether that be love, or answers in our case….

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