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Good to be here and joining the I’m Adopted Diaries

I’ts great to be part of the Adoption Diaries and here is a bit of a quick background info about me.

I was adopted from Romania in 1997 by a German family and we moved 13 years ago to NZ, I have been part of the I’m Adopted project since 2017 as an Ambassador. I’m really passionate about adoption polices and getting countries to re-open international Adoptions, regarding this I have spoken at global forums and the highlight in 2018 was doing a TEDx talk on how international adoption has the potential to change lives.

Reflecting on 2019 I’m really proud to have co-hosted the I’m Adopted podcast with Alex Gilbert 🎙️ to share views and the latest trends on international adoptions, travelling to an I’m Adopted community meeting ✈️, and working on my YouTube Channel. For my next blog, I will share about the future of international adoption patterns / polices.

I look forward to sharing further about my adoption journey and helping I’m Adopted grow and making a positive impact on the wider adopted community.

Helping adoptees around the world connect.

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