Growing Up with Adopted Siblings

How did you grow up? Did you grow up with brothers or sisters that were also adopted? Or were you the only one adopted? When I was adopted I was taken out of an Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia. I was only 2 when I was adopted but it was not only me. I also came back to New Zealand with my Brother Andrei. He has different Birth Parents though he has a different opinion on finding them like I do. I have always been curious to know who they were since I could remember, but he has never had an interest in finding them.

People do tend to ask “Are you both twins?”. This was a question asked many many times, in fact I still get asked the same question. Then I let them know that we are not twins but we are 3 months apart. It can be confusing for people who have no idea how adoption works. I have met many families who have biological children and also adopted children. The relationship is strong in any family, but there is always curiosity. Every story that is shared on the I’m Adopted project is unique. Everyone has a different family with a different story.

Like always, people have different opinions on adoption and always will.

Were you adopted with brothers and sisters who were also adopted? Or were you adopted with brothers and sisters who came from your parents biologically? – Alex Gilbert

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