С Днем Рождения Саша – Happy Birthday Alex

We all from the I’m Adopted team wish our good friend and founder Alex Gilbert a wonderful birthday despite the current global situation and the New Zealand lockdown.

This will mean he will be celebrating his birthday in a new way. We also want to acknowledge him for the difference he has and is making for adoptees globally and wish him all the best for his Reunited TV project, where he shows adoptees reuniting with their birth families.

On a personal note, I want to wish Alex a wonderful birthday and look forward to celebrating with him later today and others via Zoom. I have known Alex for 7 years and have been part of the I’m Adopted project since the beginning and recall highlights of us as a team from presenting to the New Zealand parliament and running our first live Facebook Q & A’s. A memory on a personal note that I treasure was nearly a year ago on my birthday Alex and a good friend of ours Janna we went on a Road trip together, and a highlight included making funny videos together.

We look forward to what the rest of the year brings for Alex and the work we all are doing with I’m Adopted and in these times fostering connections are more important than ever. – Alex Kuch

Alex Kuch (Ambassador and Romanian-Kiwi Adoptee), Janna Lamb (Russian-NZ Adoptee) and Alex Gilbert
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