I’m Adopted to appear at ICAR6 (International Conference on Adoption Research) in Montreal, Canada

It has been a long time coming, but we will be making an appearance at the upcoming ICAR6 event in Canada on the 9th of July.

We have been working alot this year on making this project grow more and more which is what I will keep on going. Along with the upcoming meet up in Galway, Ireland we will be having a virtual presentation at the upcoming ICAR6 event. Founder and Russian-Kiwi Adoptee Alex Gilbert will be talking to many of those who will be there on the day for the ‘Innovative approaches to creating adoption communities for young people’ symposium with Kristine Freeark – (Research Investigator, Centre for Human Growth and Development, University of Michigan) and Robert Clifford (Fellowship winner, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust).

We are proud of making this happen and also proud to know that our Romanian Ambassador Alex Kuch will also be at the Event on a different presentation. We wish him the best with this.

You can get details on when we will be live on the official website here.

Thank you for supporting I’m Adopted and making it what it is today!


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