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I’m Adopted – The Interview w/ Meg Andrews

I decided to sit down with one of my good friends Meg Andrews who agreed to talk to me about my life story. I sat down with Meg over the weekend to talk about my search for my birth parents in Russia, my relationship with both my birth parents and my work with creating the I’m Adopted project.

At the start of this year I had finished and released my story I’m Adopted which goes through these feelings and emotions that I was feeling throughout my journey. With the full support from my Mum and Dad the entire time, I have always been thankful to this day for the support they have given me for going on this journey that I had taken.

I sat down with Meg to go through my own timeline of events over the last 5 years. Not only about I’m Adopted but also about my own personal up and downs.

You can watch I’m Adopted – The Interview here.

– Alex Gilbert

Running time: 61 minutes
Interviewer: Meg Andrews (Instagram @meg_sara)

Janna Lamb
Valera Mendoza-Davis
Brendan Goodenough

Interview will be also available with English and Russian subtitles


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