Jaki’s Journey

I found out my heritage at age 40.
Before I took that DNA test, I dragged my husband and children to Scandinavian festivals every year faithfully, desperate to find a connection to myself that I could pass to my own babies.

I knew my mother was Ukrainian Canadian. But my birth dad is also adopted, and as he was told his mother was a Swede, I naturally assumed the same.
Turns out I’m half Irish, half Ukrainian!

If you know the history of either nation, you know I come from tough people who struggled immensely, but somehow found a way to thrive. I love that.

Plus, I had an adopted Irish grandmother from Dublin.
Oh how I wish I would have paid more attention to her stories, but alas I was ‘Swedish’ then. I resent that I was lied to but I am so happy to know my own truth now.

I wear a four leaf clover necklace and Ukrainian coloured earrings every day now that I know where I came from.



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