Learning the Russian Language – Where to Begin?

In 2013 when I first met my birth parents for the first time, I really didn’t know anything about the Russian language. I only knew a first words and the language barrier was defiantly there. Over the years since then I have been working my levels up with the Russian language, starting over and just reading and reading. I am still not fluent.

I started learning the language by learning the Russian alphabet. One by one, I started to pick up on the letters and after this I was able to slowly read Russian words, though I didn’t know what I was reading.

There are many options for yourself to look at if you are interested in learning the Russian language. You do have to focus on it and keep it going otherwise it can be hard and you can loose and forget a lot that you may have already learnt.

Since me meeting my birth parents in Russia, I have been able to talk more in Russian, pick up on conversations a lot easier now and talk directly with my birth parents. I am not fluent and I still am very far away from being fluent. It is still at the ‘broken Russian’ stage but knowing that I can ask something basic in Russian is helpful.

There are many ways you can learn. Getting a one-on-one private teacher can help. I used a private teacher when I first started to help me and guide me through the alphabet. I then started to read translations so I was able to get an idea of what things said in the Russian vocabulary. Learning words that sound the same in English also helps a lot. This helps you pick up on the alphabet too.

The best tip and fastest way to learn Russian for me is always by visiting Russia. I pick up on new words everyday and I start to change my mindset to Russian. Like a translator in my mind, as it is all around you everyday. Immersion language learning is by far the best way.

I have added some links below that I have used in the past that can be very helpful! Good luck! – Alex Gilbert





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