My Goals in Russia for my Entire Family

It is time for me to really start packing everything as I am leaving the big city in a few days as I write this post. I wanted to reflect on what has been going on up to this point and some of my key goals with this next Russian trip. I know we can all agree that this time round going to Russia is not the usual trip with everything that is going on in the world right now and I agree completely. I am nervous, anxious but ready. I have all precautions in place and highly trusted friends and family in Russia who will be looking out for me.

My goals in Russia not only involve my work and projects for those adopted from Russia but also connecting more with my Russian family. I will be visiting my birth mother often as well as my birth father. My goal overall with Russia is to focus on just speaking Russian. With being there for so long, I am going to be forcing myself to speak Russian to people. I have always been able to pick up on so much. I might not become completely fluent, but I am sure I will have an understanding of a lot of it by the time I come back home. For those adopted from Russia at the moment, I am working on a few things, which I look forward to sharing later on in my time in Russia.

I am now back into my work for the Television show which is due to air at some point this year when I return which we will also be filming in Russia. This has been incredible and my team and the people I am working with all over Russia, I can’t thank them enough. This will be broadcast on State Television here in New Zealand.

For my entire family, my birth family and my New Zealand parents, this is for you. This is my goal to learn and learn, connect and connect. In 2013 when I first met my birth family I always have said to myself, I will do what I can to keep this contact for our entire family. I also very fortunate to have my birth family and parents meet for the first time in Moscow, 2015.

Over all, I am ready to get to Russia. I am looking forward to it but also very nervous. I am doing this for my entire family because I want to and also for the entire adoption community, not only for those adopted from Russia, but with sharing my journey and experience for all adoptees. We are also in talks at the moment with the Russian – NZ Adoption Law and also the current New Zealand Domestic Adoption Law. Something I am proud to be involved with and with everything going on, I will be sure to share an update on this at some point too.

Remember, you can always follow my journey and vlogs over at or also our Our Russia page at Our Russia will also be the name and website of our upcoming development inside Russia.

Thank you very much!


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