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Sending Gifts To Our Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia

We were both adopted from Arkhangelsk Russia. We have started to collect gifts that we can take over to the Orphanage. We are after a goal of now taking the gifts to Russia. We are looking at posting the gifts or personally delivering them. No matter how long or hard it will take, we hope that we can get the gifts there. We are still progressing with the collecting all what we can to send to the orphanage.

I went to my Orphanage in 2017 and Janna also went to her orphanage a few years ago herself for the first time. We were both adopted around the same time and at the same age in the orphanage. Check out the video below.

All donated costs will go towards our travel or postage for the box of gifts! Everyone who contributes to this project will get a thanks on our video that we do when the gifts arrive.

We never will ask for donations as we have purchased all the gifts ourselves but if we want to do something that is bigger than our budget then you are welcome to donate anything to us. It’s an incredible project for us and we will be making a huge video on any updates that happen. At this stage we are going to try and post the box of gifts, this will cost a lot to post too but we will try!

If we get to go to Russia, that would be incredible. But as I said in the video, this is just a one off project to leave some New Zealand toys in our orphanage. Leave our marks there as adoptees who were once there.

Any donations can be donated through at Give a Little.co.nz – https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-sending-gifts-to-my-orphanage-in-russia 

My Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia – October – 2017


Thank you! – Alex Gilbert

Founder of I’m Adopted & Russian-New Zealand Adoptee


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