Revisiting Your Birth Country or Town

Are you adopted and would like to visit your Birth Country or Town? Your not the only one. Even if you have not yet found your Birth Parents many adoptees are going back to see where they came from. It can be all an overwhelming experience. From all the planning to then to the travelling. Some planning can be stopped by issues like Passports or the incorrect Visa.

For example; If you are born in Russia and adopted out into another country then you will need to renew your Russian passport to revisit your Birth Country.

I had flights ready for Russia in the middle of 2013, however I did not know about me renewing my Russian Passport. The embassy did not allow me to go into Russia on my NZ Passport. I had to renew my Russian passport which I have never done and the only Russian passport I had was from 1994. Depending on what country your in check with your nearest Adoption Agency for details on how to check.


When you have that all sorted and ready to go, what do you think you will want to do first? Will you want to revisit your Orphanage? I know I would like to in Russia as I have not done this yet. There is a Russian-Kiwi Adoptee Janna Lamb who recently went to visit her Birth Town in Russia. She is actually from the same Orphanage as me. She went to experience where she came from and she couldn’t believe she had done it.

Would you like to revisit your Birth Country or Town? Or have you already visited it? – Alex Gilbert




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