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Revisiting my Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia

I have just got back from Russia. Another journey for me that has been incredible. I don’t know where to begin with how everything happened or with each day.

With me revisiting the Orphanage I feel that this experience for me was important. Seeing how everything works inside the Orphanage after 23 years was good.

I got to Arkhangelsk, not knowing exactly how cold it might have been. I met with Mihail, my Half Brother Artom, his wife, Nastya my translator (Who in fact did a great job!) and several TV crews. I was still adjusting with the time and realising exactly how far away I was from New Zealand.

I walked inside the Orphanage and I met two caretakers who actually looked after me when I was there in 1994. For me this was a moment of me realising just how much these caretakers really care about looking after the children. Most of the Children were sick and not well which for me a little emotional to understand.

I was in the Orphanage looking around for a good few hours. I was welcomed with gifts and information also on my own adoption. I learnt how about the exact time of me being placed in the Orphanage. Mihail my Birth Father sat down with us to go through the information on my adoption. As you know he didn’t know anything about me until I contacted him 2013.

He understand that this was all the past and nothing now can change that. It was all part of the decision that my Birth Mother made in 1992.

I will be in contact with the Orphanage and will be doing my best to work closely with them.

Thank You for following my journey – Alex Gilbert

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