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Russia in July – Alex Gilbert

As you you know in July I will be making another visit to Russia. I plan to take this trip for my own personal Holiday as well as meeting some people there when I can.

I will be visiting my Birth Father Mihail in Saint Petersburg as well as my Birth Mother Tatiana in Rybinsk. I made that decision and decided that it would be a good idea. My birth mother and I have started to keep in touch more that what we use to. I am thankful for this and I know that we are both looking forward to seeing each other in July. Since 2013 the relationship has not always been positive. We rarely kept in contact and there was a point in time where I didn’t actually know where she was. I was told that she had lost her job and had actually lost her place.

She recently lost her ex-husband who I met in 2013. Andrew was a good person and really looked after Tatiana. Since 2015 Tatiana has been with her new husband Yuri who I met in late 2015 during Let them Talk. I was told about Andrew’s situation after he passed away. Tatiana was still in contact with him and still had a friendship. I really didn’t know what to think or say when I heard about Andrew’s death.

In July we will be taking a train to see Tatiana during my time with my Birth Father Mihail. Mihail will be with me the entire time and again he will be seeing Tatiana. He had not seen her since 2015 and before that, since the early 1990s. They have contact with each other but both their lives had changed. That does not affect or change anything with me and my relationships with my birth parents.

You can keep yourself updated with my trip to Russia in July through my Facebook page or through my Instagram too at @alexgilbert . See you Russia in July!

– Alex Gilbert

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