Russia 2017

In October 2017 I will be travelling to Russia to meet some incredible people and visit my Orphanage for the first time since 1994.

You can help with my journey and follow it on the way!

We are not asking and never will ask but you can always contribute to my trip by Donating to I’m Adopted here. We don’t need it but we always appreciate anything that comes to us for the project:  [paypal_donation_button border=”0″]. You can also help just by sharing the I’m Adopted project and spreading the word. It is always appreciated!

All contributions will go towards keeping the I’m Adopted project going and helping the people and Orphanages that I will visit. Below I will be posting a Daily Blog on my trip. You will be able to follow these below.

I will be travelling to Moscow & then to Arkhangelsk. I will be visiting the Orphanage that I originally came from, as well as talking to the current director of the Orphanage.

– Alex Gilbert (Founder & Russian-Kiwi Adoptee)

My Orphanage in 1994

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