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How do you share your story about being adopted to others?

Like many of us, we are adopted. Many people throughout my childhood always asked me what my story was. Why my name was different and how I fit in with my family. I was named Sasha growing up which is a very common Russian name. It also means Alexander or just Alex for short. People would ask me, that is an interesting name for a boy, what is the story?

I was never shy to share my story. I was always open to talking about it. It may sounds strange for some but I was always interested in talking about it for long periods of time. In school my brother who was also adopted joined me in many of my classes. People would then ask if we were twins. Its never a secret for me to share about my beginnings in this world. My friends were always interested in knowing where Russia was or anything about the country.

When I was growing up we had a Adoption Support group that was organised through our NZ International Adoption Agency. We were all with other families who had adopted children. It was never the elephant in the room. For some children though they kept it to themselves. I never have anything against that as it’s up to themselves if they want to talk about it or not.

As an adoptee, how do you share your story when people ask you about your adoption?

Alex Gilbert

Founder & Russian – Kiwi Adoptee

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