Staying Connected with your Birth Parents

When adoptees eventually find their Birth Parents it’s always good for adoptees to make sure that they keep in touch.

A lot of adoptees around the world do find it hard to keep in communication for many reasons. Adoptees from Russia for example are raised in a country that does not speak any Russian so this can be hard. Translation is useful! Or even learning the language.

I personally have trouble keeping in touch with my Birth Mother. I feel like she just wanted to simply connect and meet but leave it at that. I don’t keep in touch with her daily or weekly. I like to see how she is going on but with her moving around the place it is just hard to keep updated. This can be hard for Birth Parents to take in new information of a relative that is looking for them and they do find it hard to take in the news.

There is a nice side to the story and in reality it’s not always positive, but always think of the positives that you have been able to make a connection if you have made it to that point. Don’t get upset about losing any connection, just do what you can.

Some Birth Families find it too exciting to find out that their Birth Son or Daughter is looking for them and like my Birth Father who knew nothing about me is always keeping in touch with me. For a lot of Birth Parents they are very overwhelmed with everything and keeping in contact is a priority for them. I think making that connection and just doing your best to keep in contact from time to time is the best thing to do.

If you are having issues with hearing from your Birth Parents or Birth Family and would like to hear from them more, don’t worry you are not alone – Alex Gilbert

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