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Note: We are currently overseas for our current adoption events. Posting of stories might be delayed for the time being. But we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

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You can write your story below! This will submit it to us and we will go over it – be sure to add a photo for your story and as much information as you can! If you have any other questions you can simply contact us on the Contact Us Page! You can also write your story on an Instagram Post and simply tag our username @imadoptedOrg and we will repost!

When sending your story we suggest that you do not use a last name. Just use a first name and possible location. If anyone can help you they will need to contact you. Leaving us your Email to add to your story can be helpful for people to get in touch with you.

We just share the stories that were written by yourself. Please make sure what you write is what you want to share. People that contact you that can help are not affiliated with us. If you want to search privately we have some guides and tips here –

By sharing your story you agree that it is in the public. You also agree that you are responsible for your own¬†story you submit. This is a open community. If you want to search privately we have resources online that can help. People may reuse your search or story to share to other communities. You are reliable for whoever contacts you about any information as we just share the story you submit. Please note: We don’t publish stories for anyone under 18.


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