The Relationship with my Birth Father in Russia

I first met my birth father Mikhail at the end of 2013. 2013 was also the same year he knew of my existence. I reached out to him through Social media, right after my birth mother told me his name. I was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia and placed into the Regional Baby Home after my birth mother had me.

I have meet my birth father many times now in Russia. I have always been thankful to my birth mother for providing me with the information about my birth father Mikhail. It is something I have always been thankful for. I never look at the past at what happened all those years ago. I always focus on the now and the present.

I have talked about my birth mother a lot and yes the relationship with her is not as strong as my birth fathers one, but we do definitely keep in contact and in fact my birth father has helped me with a few of the phone calls to my birth mother Tatiana.

The second time I met Mikhail was in 2015. This time it wasn’t just me revisiting him but my parents also got the chance to meet him. It was an incredible moment for everyone. I never expected to see the day of my Mum and Dad meeting my birth parents. They just kept on thanking my Mum and Dad for raising me to who I am today. I am always grateful for that.

My relationship with my birth father Mikhail is strong. We keep in contact very often. I always stay with his family when I visit Saint Petersburg and he is also there for support for when I want to see my birth mother. Mikhail is always there to help.

People have asked me often about how do I feel towards my birth father in comparison to my Dad who raised me. I feel a strong connection with both my birth father and Dad. I have never called Mikhail my Dad and he completely agrees and understands this too. We have a huge amount of support in our family and it makes us a very strong family too.

Thank You to my Birth Father, Mikhail.

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