The Search to Finding My Birth Mother’s Family in Russia

I have now been here in Russia for a month, connecting with the culture, learning more of the language and learning more about my own birth family. A few weeks ago, I got to visit my Birth Mother Tatiana (Tanya). It was great to see her again and of course to ask her more questions on her life.

Tatiana has grown up not knowing her own family. She was placed into an orphanage at a very young age and was there until she was 18 yers old. She then went to work in a factory making bread. She was born in Arkhangelsk, the same town I was born in, but her family are from different areas of Russia. Back in 2018 I started to get a small connection on Tatiana’s own family. I managed to connect with a half brother of hers who now lives in Ukraine. He had seen some videos of Tatiana online and their daughter reached out to me. This started the search.

Tatiana’s own Mother (Left) with Tatiana on the right.

Up until now, Tatiana hasn’t met any of her other relatives, however she has been on the phone with her half-brother in Ukraine. I managed to set up the phone call just over a year ago. More with the questions for Tanya is about her own birth parents. Her brother doesn’t know what happened to her parents but had provided me with links and information on where they might be. He also remembers the name of Tatianas birth father which wasn’t noted down in her own birth certificate.

Since then I have been able to find some cousins of hers in Moscow. I am yet to meet them but I plan to soon. I am taking small steps with anything I find as of course even for Tatiana, she wants to know but I don’t want to shock her with a large amount of information. I also know now that Tatiana has a sister who lives in Saint Petersburg and I plan to visit her when I get there soon.

For myself and for my entire family, I always think that knowing about lost relatives is important for anyone adopted. I was able to find Tatiana and know about her life and now I want Tatiana to learn about her own parents lives. She wants to know about them but she also wants to take each step as it goes, and that is the plan.


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