Visiting My Birth Mother in Russia

I wanted to write about my recent experience with me recently visiting my Birth Mother in Russia. I have been in Russia for quite sometime now, learning more about the Russian culture, the language and of course, my Russian birth family.

I wanted to spend time with my Birth Mother, Tatiana, who lives about five hours away (drive) from where I am staying in Moscow. The connection with my Birth Mother is important and it will always will be. It always has been since I first met her back in 2013 for the first time. I also saw her again in 2015 and then in 2018. The meetings have always been short and quick so this one was the longest.

There is a difference of emotions between my birth mother and my Mum who raised me. My birth mother as I say as nicely as I can, she is just my biological mother, she brought me into this world. And my Mum who raised me to who I am today is my Mum back home in New Zealand. It is always going to be like that but the love and respect for both my Birth Mother and Mum will never change.

My friend Vera, who I want to thank a lot, helped me with seeing her last weekend. We spend two nights in her town so I could spend more time seeing her. I got to have dinner with her which I have never done and we just talked and talked. I thank her so much for growing more with me more over this weekend.

We love you Tanya! – Alex

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