We Welcome and Thank our first Honourable I’m Adopted Ambassador Nastya Andrianova

We have had the help from many of those around the world. And not just with the support but the on-going help from the side.

We are introducing Nastya (Anastasia) Andrianova as one of our first honourable I’m Adopted ambassadors. She is one of the people that helped through the journey that I went through last year while I was in Russia. She has helped with on going support with those who are adopted and translations for us and for others who are also adopted overseas.

We believe that having her onboard to help with I’m Adopted and more partially the Russian version of I’m Adopted is important for us and for her. Nastya lives in Russia in the same city that I was born in inside Arkhangelsk. She guided me along with my visit to my orphanage and followed my journey while I was there. Nastya also works hard with helping children in Arkhangelsk learn English. I took the chance to have a look and ask questions with her pupils while I was there.

I am very thankful and to this day she has been helping everyday with small projects for I’m Adopted.

You can see her below in the new Documentary that was released in Russia. She is at the end of the video with me at the orphanage.

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Thank You Nastya and welcome to our international team!

– Alex Gilbert

Russian-New Zealand Adoptee & I’m Adopted Founder

Nastya Andrianova


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