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Now that we are right into National Adoption Awareness month, I wanted to share what this month means to me. I have always talked about that connection and with my relationship with my New Zealand family which will always be strong. I reflect on this month always with really understanding how everyone has a different story. Good or Bad, it is good that we all reflect and talk with each other. I feel this is really what this month is about. Each person of course has a different way to reacting to their story and journey. For myself I am open to talk about it and I feel that talking about it does help others. A lot of adoptees always have questions. We all wonder, celebrate our families, talk with other adoptees and give each other advice.

It was recently also World Adoption Day. And every time this day comes by, I read a lot of the stories from others who had also been adopted. It really raises a lot of awareness as it’s not all there. People who have nothing to do with adoption do learn more about it themselves and do read the stories too which gives them a stronger understanding. With us at I’m Adopted, we had been reaching out to many adoptees who have been wanting to share their stories and for the month, and on-going, we have been sharing what this month means to them. We have so many more to share!

For my family, we always talk about how our lives changed when both my Mum and Dad adopted my brother and I from that small orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia. I don’t remember anything from the Orphanage but I do know that with my parents making that decision, this completely changed our lives. I have been back to my Orphanage twice and in 2021 while I am in Russia, I plan to revisit Arkhangelsk and the Orphanage again. That was always my own decision to go back and visit Arkhangelsk and my old Orphanage. It was a personal choice which I have never regretted.

Every time I am with my family, we often talk about Russia and our adoption story. We talk about it because it is part of our family. It is what made our family. My adoption day is the 1st of August but November for me is when we raise awareness of adoption. I understand too that of course, not every story is positive. I have said this a lot and my own story has never been 100% positive. I don’t have a strong relationship with my Birth Mother and I really don’t think I ever will but with that in mind I have been happy to have met her and I know I will visit her again very soon. I like to reflect on that a lot as this is part of my story. My Russian side and family will always be a big part of me now.

This month for me is always about connecting with others adopted, sharing the support, and being there for one another.

Thank you!

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