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I will be revisiting my Orphanage in Russia after 23 Years

I don’t remember leaving my Orphanage in 1994. Though of course I have many videos and photos that are always in my mind. I have always told myself that I would revisit the Orphanage and soon I will be doing that.

In a few months I will be taking a trip to Moscow. I will be visiting many people there who I have kept in touch with who will be helping me with expanding the Russian version of I’m Adopted.

I then will be travelling to the top of Russia to the city Arkhangelsk. This is my birth city and I myself haven’t been back to visit since I left when I was 2 years old.

I will be visiting the Orphanage while I am there and learning about how everything is run. I believe that a lot has changed since 1994 so I am really looking forward to what the experience will be like.

My Birth Father Mihail will also be showing me where he grew up in Arkhangelsk.

You will be able to follow my journey to Russia through my Facebook Page (facebook.com/nzalexgilbert) and the I’m Adopted Facebook Page.

The Orphanage in 1994


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