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Working with ‘Arifmetika Dobra’ in Russia

Arifmetika Dobra or “Arithmetic of Goodness” in English is a Non-Profit charitable foundation in Russia which specialises in helping those who are orphans in Russia.

I will get the chance to be working and meeting with Diana Mashkova who is heavily involved with the charity. In fact I will be with Diana most of the time in Russia.

The foundation was founded back in 2014. The man who created the charity actually has 19 children who were adopted. The charity not only helps orphans but also parents and families who had adopted children.

During my time in Russia I will be visiting Moscow and Arkhangelsk.

I am thankful that I will be able to spend my time with this group and people to learn as much as I can about how everything works with adoption in Russia. I was adopted back in 1994, and I know things have changed but it’s going to be an experience. – Alex Gilbert

Learn more at https://arifmetika-dobra.ru

Image from their website.

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